Wild drive with Good To Go

Did I tell you that last year I was in Germany to see the world championship of car race? I am very fond of racing and pokies. After the race when I was sitting alone in the room, suddenly I thought of any game of pokie which should be related to the tracks. I went to search for that and got many suggestions to go through but the game which influenced me the most was Good to Go. Without going through the trial version, I downloaded the full app in my android phone. I got certain credits for that which overwhelmed me a lot. It is a video machine of slots with 5 reels and a wide variety of winning line.

In this post if I do not discuss about the theme that would be unfair for this, it is themed around the track of racing of the cars made as symbols. This will take you on a wild ride with a symbolic driver who will thrill you. Before going to tell about the rewarding system I would like to tell you that it has total of 9 play lines where a player can bet around. The interface and graphics is awesome to that extent that it will pump the blood into your veins throughout the rounds. As the icon is based on the animation of many things related, such as flags, cars, helmet, tires etc. which gives you the chance to be on top by making certain combinations. Maximum matching of these things will get you the more bonuses and combos too.

This one made my trip a wonderful earning of my experience that even after you have nothing to do you can get access to this, which will make you the feel as if you are speed king. I won many prizes and real capital too. I would tell the readers to go through this.


Online Pokies NZ


Online Pokies NZPubs, clubs and casinos in New Zealand have accommodated poker machines since the early 1990s, and the craze has grown so much that there are now over 18,000 poker machines in the country. This love affair with┬áhas, of course, spilled over to New Zealand’s burgeoning online casinos. Here at Online Pokies NZ we save you the trouble of searching for safe and fun online pokies by evaluating and analysing heaps of online casinos every month in order to present you with the best!

We enable you to make safe and easy deposits and withdrawals (NZD) at the sites we have carefully selected for you. You can deposit real cash and play at the online gambling clubs listed below. Now you can relax and unwind with your favourite online pokies knowing that we have done the hard work for you. The joy of online pokies, blackjack, roulette and video poker are just a click away!

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Free Online Slots

Most of the online casinos we recommend provide the opportunity to play their pokies for free in practice mode. Many of them do not even require an account to play their online pokies for free! Click the link to their website, choose the game you would like to play, and if the offer is available there will be a button that says “Demo”, or “Practice Play”. However, certain games (such as progressive jackpot games) do not offer a free play mode. At Online Casinos NZ, we do feature special offers from our recommended sites, including free spins and no deposit bonuses as part of the sign-up package when you join their casino.

3-Reel Online Pokies

Online Pokies NZWhile this was once the most common form of slot machine, it is becoming quite rare these days in pubs, clubs and casinos. However, it is a form of the game that still has its fans, so many online New Zealand casinos offer the kinds of pokies, including our recommended sites. Featuring 3 rotating wheels and 1, 3 or 5 pay lines, these slot machines offer straightforward and uncomplicated action with a limited range of wager sizes.That is the game is much simpler, and as a result it pays more frequently but the average payout is far smaller than on the more modern pokies.

5-Reel Online Pokies

The most commonly found pokies in pubs, clubs and online casinos are 5-reel machines. They feature a great deal more variety in their choice of game type and aesthetics compared to the older, 3-reel machines. 5-reel pokies (otherwise known as video pokies) also offer an enormous variety of bet-sizing and number of pay lines and as such bets can range from $0.01 to $1000! The look and themes of these machines varies widely, and many consider the aesthetic appeal to be just as important as the gameplay. This variety is a large aspect of the appeal of video pokies – anyone can play!

Video pokies also have built-in bonus rounds and special features on top of the classic slot machine game-play. You can find expanding wilds, pay lines that run both ways, rolling wheels, free spins, double-up and many other features that enhance the gaming action and create more payout opportunities.

Online Pokies Tips

Online Pokies NZ GamesWhile playing the pokies online is very simple and straightforward, it is necessary to think about managing your bankroll and the size of your bets in order to maximise your enjoyment.

When determining the size of your bets, it is important to take not of the minimum bet (otherwise known as “coin size”), how many “coins” can be played per line and the number of pay lines a machine has. Coin size usually ranges between $0.01 and $5.00. Wherever possible, it is best to play the maximum number of lines and coins in order to increase your chances of winning and the amount you win, but it is also important to consider how much money this will cost and whether or not you can afford it.

In order to determine what coin size is right for you, it is necessary to work out how much you wish to spend per spin. If you decide to spend $2.00 per spin on a machine with 20 pay lines that allows you to select up to 10 coins per line, you should select a coin size of $0.01:

$0.01 coin size x 10 coins = $0.10 per line
$0.10 per line x 20 pay lines = $2.00 per spin

If you wish to play the same machine for only $1.00 per spin, you should reduce the number of coins in play so that you can still play the maximum number of lines:

$0.01 coin size x 5 coins = $0.05 per line
$0.05 per line x 20 pay lines = $1.00 per spin.

When choosing your game, remember that it is always more important to play the maximum number of lines over the maximum number of coins as it allows you more chances of winning.

Are online casinos legal in New Zealand?

Quite simply, yes! Online pokies are gaining massive popularity in New Zealand, and while they are legal they are governed by very strict laws. These laws are governed by the Department of Internal Affairs, as are pubs and clubs that host pokies, and standard casinos. This department requires the owners of web-based casinos to follow rigorous guidelines and licensing laws. Players in New Zealand can rest assured that it is definitely legal for them to play pokies online. watch this video for more information:

Can I play online pokies on my mobile?

Yes! All of our recommended casinos offer access via mobiles, tablet and computers. Using your mobile, follow the links below to the website of your choice. If you have not already done so, you can even use your mobile to create an account.


Jackpot City Flash Mobile Casino’s Reviews, No Deposit Bonus, Free Download Bonus Codes & Much More

Have you ever heard of Robin Hood? The man who was a helper of poor peoples, he looted the rich persons and distributes this stolen money to the poor and needy peoples. This character is found in the folk stories of the English history. But I am not here to tell you the folk stories. I am here to share with you my experience about the Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune slot machine. This is a very amazing and unique game I have ever tried in my whole career as a player. This is the latest released micro gaming slot machine which is far better than their companions.

This is a little bit strange play where the heroic character of Robin Hood is transformed into the various species of the birds. This makes this very funny and full of entertainment. The version which I tried is five reels slot machine in which there is 243 unique ways to get the winning combination. There is also an excitement of bonus chance where you can activate up to 15 free spins. Here you can win some extra bonus by showing some of your archery skills. In this you have to hit the sacks of gold with your arrows and if you are able to hit it you won the multiple of coins.

I also started playing and started gambling. So, before starting it, I read all the important rules and regulations regarding this. They are not so much complicated because they are similar to other traditional pokies. Only there are some differences from others. Before losing my some money I decided to play it with the free bonus. I made a new account and sign up on the website. They awarded me the free bonus according to the norms of the website. I made my first bet and clicked the spin button. I won the bet. In this excitement I doubled my bet in next chance and this time I lost it. There is a proverb that greediness will always hurt you which I felt that day. I played more chances. At least I left this as a winner. I am not able to win real cash, but the fun and enjoyment I got is the worth of the real cash.

To win the real money you bought to settle on your mobile casino bit cautiously, and to urge the spin casino reviews, I went on some forums and detected players talking concerning it. I came to grasp its a free transfer app that needs flash and if you bought bonus codes then there’s nothing you ought to worry concerning winning you’ll be able to certainly build some chips and its upto best interest to grasp the place higher you’re progressing to play.