Birthday Bash at Roxy Palace

Being a little acrophobic I was avoiding this event, but my friends have already made up their mind, and I don’t want to spoil that, so I agreed with not so much tantrums. It was my 26th birthday; friends have planned everything, almost the whole day. In the morning we went to do some cycling and hiking stuff to the deciduous forest, there we had a bath in the hot water spring after the tiring hiking, can’t describe that awesome pleasure I had that time. The Luke warm water of it pacified the whole body,

After that we were supposed to have a football game, but I dropped it, after the cycling, I didn’t have much power so that I can have another game. After so much hectic activities we decided to have a little heavy breakfast, so we went to McLaren to quench the hunger. By having dinner it was already mid noon, so we took a cab to the hunter valley. I had a friend among who has an affair with my friend skipped the party so that they can have some privacy, but when they came back, they were there with a big limousine, they got it from the sale.

We all got in to this giant metal tube and sliced the cake & had booze in there, after that we went to a casino to have some more fun, the guy who brought the limo had good contacts in there, so he made our entry free, and got us some free spins too, getting there I saw a man playing the game called the “hot air”. Looking at him I thought of playing it too. The very moment I started playing I begin to win with ease, the cliché that’s how it works, the so called beginners luck. Over all I had a blast that day.