My Experience with Sir Winsalot Slot Machine

Last year I was in India. I was there for spending my holidays. I heard many things about India. Many things are good and some things are bad. As you know that there are positive and negative points of everything. I want to know this country by going in between them. So, I planned my trip to go there. My trip includes the visit to many historical cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur etc. I reached Delhi and what I found is different from the things I heard about. The peoples there are too much supportive and caring wherever I gone my experience is just amazing. Now you are thinking that why I am telling you about my trip on this gaming blog. I am explaining this to you because my story with above mentioned play is attached with this.

I was in the city of Agra. I was there to visit the monument of love Taj Mahal. This is a symbol of love, of a husband for his wife. I reached there on Thursday night and thought that I will visit there on Friday. But there is a rule that all monuments will be closed on Friday. So, I was not able to visit any monument. I was relaxing in my hotel room so I decided to try something new. I am a regular player of online gaming, but during this visit I was not able to find time for this. So on that good sunny day I decided to open it. I decided not to visit my regular website. I started trying the new website. I searched a new website and started exploring it. I found the new game which was not found usually on my regular website.

That new game is the Sir Winsalot. This is a 20 pay line and 5 reel video slots with the theme of medieval times. There are 30 possible winning combinations which you have to find to win that. The symbols on this are also of medieval times. The rules are also very simple. I subscribed for the premium version of this because as an experienced player, I know the difference between the premium versions and free versions. I made my first bet of 10 coins. I lost that bet and again, I gamble for the similar bet. This time I won that and amazing 10 free spins also. I played this continuously and made money. The money I won on that is used on my trip to Agra and shopping. I loved this play, the city of Agra, India and peoples out there. They changed my all misconceptions which are with me before going there. I enjoyed a lot there.