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If you are a person who loves history of the world, then you will be familiar with this word Pharaoh and the tomb. When this word Pharaoh comes into our mind an image of a powerful Egyptian king loaded with lots of gold. If you are a cinema lover then there are lots of Hollywood movies based on the theme of these kings. The most famous and my favorite movie series based on this is Mummy series. I loved that movie too much and watched all part of this and I love all these. One day I was playing and enjoying some online games. I love playing all these. The time I was playing, a pop-up box appeared on my screen that is a newly started 3D plays named as, Pharaoh’s Tomb? This is a new kind of game so I decided to try this.

I reached the playing page and started searching about the information related to this. After exploring this I found that this is similar to the treasure hunt where you have to hunt the treasure which is hidden underneath the tomb or the pyramid of a Pharaoh. The graphics, animations and sound effects are also very good. This is a 20 pay line slot machine with 5 reels. There’s a virtual girl gift for you as a companion. the foundations square measure terribly straightforward you’ve got to solely build a winning spin and you’ve got to predict the proper toss and you’re the winner. And before attempting any new pokie slot you want to concern some points like reading its review and dig about it a lot of and a lot of. if you wish to seek out some slots online to win real cash then you want to look out for the net app whether or not you’re on iPhone or a golem device that means you’ll win most from pokie that provides Real cash with no deposit bonus.

I started playing it and made my first bet, I already have the bonus coins for which I paid to the website as a premium player. I made my first guess and clicked the spin button and the Egyptian lady tossed the coin. As the result came what I found just filled me with fun because I won this, my guess was right. I thrilled with this and again spin the machine and I won again. I guessed 3-4 times and all times I am right because my luck is at his best. I was thrilled and enjoyed a lot and decided to play it on a regular basis. This is not more than thriller than a treasure hunt.